Choosing to have therapy services is a big decision and one that can be scary. In my practice, I create a warm and caring environment to help elevate these fears. Together we will explore your presenting challenges from the perspective of how they are informed by; your relationships with others, what’s happening in your community, and your belief system.


I help teens to regain their confidence and trust in the adults in their lives. I work with them to instill hope and renewed self-worth. Psychotherapy is offered in a face to face setting as well as through the online telehealth process. As a result of working with me, teens are more productive. They are more accountable. They complete the tasks that they start. They have improved academic performance and they have better attitudes.

If you have a teen who has lost confidence, has low self-esteem, conflict with the people in their lives, are angry and misdirected, have low academic motivation, or a lack of focus then you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, as parents, it’s frustrating to feel hopeless about our teen’s behavior. 

It is my belief that everyone holds the answer to their struggles. It is my responsibility to help clients embark on those discoveries. In my practice, I offer a holistic approach to healing, by applying systemic, relational, cultural, and ecological perspectives and techniques. It is my belief that these four areas directly contribute to the presenting problems that our clients face and these are the paths to finding creative solutions. I offer individual, family, group, and telehealth therapy.


  • We are an agency that provides residential and community based mental health services to a diverse group of people that live in Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka and Ramsey County.  We hired Ann to do a training for our agency on Diversity.  Ann has a genuine, approachable and passionate style in presenting.  She was engaging and the training was interactive.  She approached the topic of privilege, which can illicit discomfort in an audience, in an open and non-threatening manner.  She was able to use humor and honestly in sharing her own background and cultural experiences.  She led us through powerful exercises that still come up today on our teams.  Because those seeds were planted, we continue to challenge ourselves and keep cultural awareness at the forefront of our work.  Thank you, Ann,!  

    Corporate Training
  • TEEN talk LIVE brings a fresh perspective on some tough issues teens face across the globe, and offer expertise tips for parents as well.

    Meicha Goehagen-Moguche
  • I definitely feel as though I met my Personal Learning Goals! This class was so beneficial and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take it. I must admit, I was cautious at the beginning if it was going to relate to my life or my students, but I was pleasantly surprised and wrong because I have learned SO much! I have been impacted greatly on the world, different classes and what some of the people in my life are going through. I will continue to use this information as well as pass it on to my assistant so she can better our students as well.

    –Jenna Y.
  • Ann was a great asset to our leadership team as we navigated change and the development of new elements for our preschool program. She helped us think about everything from logistics, marketing, community outreach, staff development, and many, many other important areas. Our time spent with her was always valuable as she helped us develop our own path to success.

    J. Bodey Fridley Public Schools
  • Mrs. Ann Dillard is an angel from above who was sent down to save the youth and heal our black families! We love her with every fiber in our bodies!

    Ms. Brandy Mann
  • Ann has the warmth, smarts, courage, and humor to heal relationships. She's committed to nurturing wellness and has a deep respect for her clients' culture and strengths. I've had the pleasure of knowing Ann for over six years and would recommend her to individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. Atlanta is blessed to have this healer in their community!

    Sarah Lentz, LAMFT
  • Ms. Ann has been a grounding force for our son. She is like the giant willow in the yard...flexible, calming, meditative, confident. Thank you for all you have done for him. He misses you! (We all do!) - love from Minnesota


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