TEEN Talk LIVE is a weekly talk show on Facebook where Ann Dillard engages guests in topics about teen triumphs and challenges. During the show, information and applicable strategies to promote positive teen development are offered.

The LIVE broadcast is held every Monday at 8:00 p.m. EST. .

TEEN Talk LIVE is a weekly Facebook LIVE broadcast that can be seen each Monday night at 8:00 pm EST. Each week individuals are interviewed on topics relating to teenagers where they live, learn, and grow.
You can tune in here: Facebook Page

TEEN Talk LIVE Topics

Teen Being Grateful For Where They Live, Learn and Play

13 Year Old Beau Shell Opens His Ice Cream Shop

Overrepresentation of Black Children in Special Education

Tineka Kirby : Teen & Sexual Abuse

When you Hover, You Smother; Helping Teens to Transition

Jazmine High: Are Girls Real Athletes?

Qualities That Every Great Mentor Must Have

Meicha Geohagen-Moguche: Impacting Teens In Ghana

5 Things Teen Girls Must Know About Money

Deondra-Attical-Curry: Teen Suicide on the Rise

Positive Mentorship in the Church

The Armstrong Family: Blatant Racism at School

Audra R. Upchurch: Helping Teens Build Self-Confidence

Shadow Rolan: Moving From One Life To Another

Mentoring 100% Graduation 100% College Acceptance

Ann Dillard: My First Mentors

Encouragement, Advice, and Inspiration for Teen Girls

Grounding Exercise

Self Harm Alternatives

The Butterfly Project

Coping Skills Checklist

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