Choosing to inquire about therapy services is a big decision and one that can be scary. In my practice, I create a warm and caring environment to help elevate these fears. Together we will explore your presenting challenges from the perspective of how they are informed by; your relationships with others, what’s happening in your community, and your belief. During this time of COVID-19 all therapeutic services are offered via Video Therapy.

Video Therapy

I am trained to offer distance video therapy for individuals who are a good fit for clients living in Georgia and Minnesota. This video therapy can be used for short term or longer term individual therapy sessions. I use a HIPPA compliant video service, HIPPA compliant emailing, phone and text to take the most steps possible to ensure your privacy.


“Where you look affects how you feel”

For many, the mother daughter relationship can be the most conflict producing and traumatic intergenerational relationships. This is also the relationship with the most desired harmony. I have combined Brainspotting with several tools to help mothers and daughters individually process traumas relating to their relationships.

Brainspotting is a brain-based therapeutic treatment that gains direct access to the brain. During this relational process, the Coach is attuned to the client and to the client’s brain process at the same time to foster powerful and lasting healing.

Brainspotting’s motto is “Where you look affects how you feel.” Science shows that if you are feeling upset about something, that feeling is affect by the positioning of your eye movement.

Sometimes the brain’s processing capacity is overwhelmed by trauma, which can cause parts of the trauma to be frozen in an unprocessed state. Brainspotting uses our field of vision to find where we are holding these unprocessed traumas in the brain. During Brainspotting the eyes serves as a scanner that helps to guide the brain to find lost internal information and process it.